Review: the Diverse Academies CEO blog

July 2018

In what is my final blog as Acting CEO, I'd like to say thank you to you all across the Diverse Academies, for your dedication and excellent public service for our children, young people, their families and our communities. We have much to be proud of.

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April 2018

Feeling the ‘love’ for our workforce
I grant you, ‘love’ isn’t a word often used in the workplace, but stay with me! For the purpose of context, I’m talking about the great interest and pleasure which we should all have – and indeed expect – from our place of work. Whatever the sector, the wellbeing of a workforce is critical, and it’s something we’re keen to focus on at the Diverse Academies.

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February 2018

Diverse Academies are in the top 10 best performing medium to large MATs
I write as our spring term has begun with the usual, fantastic levels of professional energy and commitment across our academies. Thank you to you all for such a promising beginning to 2018.

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