What Ofsted Says

East Leak Academy (October 2012)

‘The school’s leadership…..has been strengthened through partnership with [DALP].’

‘Students are well cared for and feel safe.’

‘The sixth form is good. Students achieve well and enjoy a wide range of courses.’

‘Students say that they enjoy school and are interested in lessons.’

‘Most of the teaching is good, and some is outstanding.’

‘Skilful and highly consistent behaviour management helps teachers to create a very positive climate for learning..’

‘Students are polite and courteous around the school and this creates an atmosphere which is welcoming and calm.’

‘As a result of the formal partnership with DALP, the executive headteacher is providing significant…support for the school.’

‘Many of the improvements since the previous inspection have come about as a result of the school’s engagement with [DALP].’

‘[The governing body] has worked effectively alongside DALP and school leaders to create a good school….’

The Holgate Academy (July 2015)

‘Partnership with [DALP] brings benefits to all members of the group. Governors value the support and training they receive. Procedures have become increasingly …robust.. accountability is strong. Leaders and teachers…… share good practice and benefit from shared training. Standards are rising as a result.’

‘The Principal and leadership team have been relentless in their efforts to improve provision.’

‘Students… are polite, courteous and speak to visitors with confidence.’

‘Governors monitor the work of the school very closely..’

‘Students… enjoy school, work hard in lessons, want to learn, and care for each other well.’

‘Teaching is much improved because leaders carry out rigorous checks on its quality.’

‘Discrimination is not tolerated in any form.’

‘Governors recruitment and training are well managed.’

‘[Students] use good manners to each other and staff.’

‘Teachers have good subject knowledge. They are confident and … ask probing questions to check that students understand new learning.’

‘Students are enthusiastic learners because teachers…make lessons enjoyable.’

‘Good careers advice, guidance and support enables [sixth form] students to make well-informed decisions about their future.’

‘[Sixth form students] act as good role models for younger students. [They] routinely provide mentoring support for younger students.’

‘The most able students make good progress throughout the school.’

The National C of E Academy (October 2014)

‘DALP has.. played an important role in improving governance, performance in mathematics and modern foreign languages and the achievement of disadvantaged students.’

‘The leadership and management of the school are outstanding.’

‘There is a strongly inclusive ethos…. with each student valued as an individual.’

‘[Students] attend well, are punctual and display good attitudes to learning.’

‘Teachers know their subjects well and have good relationships with students.’

‘The middle leaders are a strength of the school.’

‘Parents, staff and students……strongly endorse the work that the school does to care for and educate its students.’

‘Students wear their uniform with pride and take great care over the presentation of their work.’

‘The governing body is particularly strong.’

‘Teachers have high expectations of behaviour and students respond with good attitudes to learning.’

‘Teachers make good use of materials and imaginative approaches to engage students’ interest.’

‘Teachers set regular and challenging homework…’

‘Students… continue to make good progress.’

‘.. the most able students are achieving well…’

‘Students enjoy the extra responsibility that comes with the sixth form and respond positively to it.’

Retford Oaks Academy (December 2015)

‘ [DALP] has been instrumental in bringing about changes in the senior leadership….The appointment of the executive principal…..is central to the trust’s strategy for ensuring appropriate……support for Retford Oaks.’

‘… the [Head of Academy] and the new senior leadership team have taken action quickly…’

‘The academy’s action plan shows…. An extensive response to the areas for improvement from the [last] inspection.’

‘[The Teachers’ Toolkit] .. has helped teachers to plan lessons that are now focused more clearly on what the pupils are intended to learn.’

The [improved communications] … are helping subject leaders to do their jobs more purposefully…. And assisting the governing body… to make a greater contribution to improving the academy.’

‘[Pupils appreciated] …..when teachers mark their work, they are now being praised for things they have done well.’

Tuxford Academy (May 2012)

‘The academy has an impressive track record of success over a sustained period of time, but does not rest on its laurels.’

‘Students thrive academically….’

‘The academy achieves results at Key Stage 4 that are much higher than average. All groups of students…. achieve well.’

‘Students are courteous and considerate. They conduct themselves with commendable maturity in lessons and around the academy.’

‘…over time, students make rapid and sustained progress.’

‘The quality of learning in the sixth form lessons is a notable strength.’

‘The academy enjoys an excellent climate for learning and much of the teaching is outstanding.’

‘….teachers nurture academic curiosity and promote excellence.’

‘The academy’s emphasis on independent responsibility encourages students to develop as confident and articulate young adults.’

‘ Senior and middle leaders focus relentlessly on strengthening the quality of learning……underpinned by a well-structured programme of professional training…in which staff at all levels are encouraged to take a lead.’

Tuxford Primary Academy (October 2014)

‘[The Principal is] supported well by DALP.’

‘Through [DALP] governors have accessed and benefited from a broad range of relevant training.’

‘…is a rapidly improving happy school, where pupils feel safe and well cared for.’

‘Pupils are proud of their school and behave well.’

‘There are rigorous systems in place to check pupils’ knowledge and understanding and ….progress..’

‘The Principal provides excellent, sharply focused leadership.’

‘Every parent…… [is] confident that the school is being led and managed well.’

‘Pupils are friendly, welcoming and proud of their school.’

‘Teachers’ marking of pupils’ work is good. Pupils are very confident that this process helps them to learn well.’

‘Children’s good attitudes help them to achieve well.’

‘The progress made by pupils in Key Stage 2 is .. consistently good and sometimes rapid….’

‘Children [in the Early Years] develop into confident individuals who behave well.’