How we work

An impactful, collaborative approach

Across our partnership, staff at all levels have an opportunity to be part of a movement – driving innovations in the education sector to give all our children the very best start in life. We currently have over 1,000 employees – and over 8,500 pupils and students, with zero permanent exclusions. Whatever the challenging context, our children are at the heart of what we do.

Continuous improvement

Outstanding is not a destination. As a trust we continually seek out routes to improve and be exceptional in the education we offer all our children and young people, as well as in the working environment we offer our staff.

The majority of our academies are rated good or better by Ofsted, with some of our secondaries recording Progress 8 results amongst the best in the country. Where schools have joined us requiring improvement, the transition to good can be seen over a period of two years.

Of course results are only part of the story. We attribute our consistent and collaborative approach to strategy as key to our success. Our skilled and specialist staff work closely with academy leadership teams, across all phases and settings, to quickly make an impact – offering access to shared resources and expertise not ordinarily found in a standalone school.

Challenge, support and intervention

Unique to our trust is our programme of challenge, support and intervention – CSI – which ensures all our academies have access to a ‘critical friend’.

The challenge element of the programme sets out to seek and address areas of under-performance, complacency or low expectations. This is balanced in equal measure with support, delivered through extensive professional development and training provision. Finally, we ensure a skilled, focused and forensic intervention is provided – where it is needed, when it is needed and however it is needed.

In both educational and operational areas, a series of wide-ranging strategic development groups (SDGs) and team networking groups (TNGs) meet throughout the year. Our well-established SDGs work collectively to ensure strategy is embedded and at the forefront of practice. Our TNGs are described as the ‘engine room’ of our organisation, providing a forum for colleagues to develop and enhance skills, share best practice, and raise standards.

Career progression and pathways

Our highly valued and professional staff work hard to ensure we remain at the forefront of innovations in teaching and learning.

Our staff have the opportunity to contribute to the whole partnership, offering scope to influence beyond their own, day-to-day academy environment. They have access to the very best professional development, across all areas, ensuring everyone can maintain high levels of quality teaching, learning support and operations.

We actively encourage staff to engage with other colleagues across the trust – with a dual expectation that the impact of their work is widely benefitted, as well as supportive of their career progression.