Diverse Academies Learning Partnership (DALP)

Our Focus
Focus on Learning
The core purpose for the establishment and development of DALP is to improve the quality of education and life chances of students through focussing upon the quality of their learning and thereby securing optimum progress for each individual across all academies. This is illustrated in the model below.
Essential to this is the development and establishment of :
  • A partnership and collaboration culture
  • Tight principles and practice across all areas of operation
  • Leadership, management and organisational structures which facilitate a collaborative approach to academy improvement and promote the development of DALP.
Our Beliefs
The core DALP Beliefs are:
  1. Putting students first
  2. Committing to collaboration through partnership
  3. Encouraging diversity and individuality
  4. Supporting each other to improve
  5. Valuing each others’ differences and contributions
Our Aims
The main aims within DALP are:
  • All academies within the collaboration will be adding value to the results of their students.
  • All academies to be good or outstanding  as judged by OFSTED.
  • Diverse academies are all over subscribed or on a significant upward trend.
  • The academies are working closely together within DALP, creating a sustainable model of education for the 5500 plus students who attend them. This will be as a result of sharing ideas that work, co development, support provision,  utilising teachers, leaders and support staff for the benefit of all three academies.
  • DALP is self sustaining and outward looking using its capacity to support those who are underprivileged, in difficulty, or in any other way in need.
  • An inclusive culture is the norm in each academy, with permanent exclusions rare and every student leaving their academy with a plan for the next stage of their career.
  • The Professional Development Programme is producing high quality committed professionals and future leaders for DALP academies as well as schools beyond.
  • DALP academies are recognised nationally as organisations of high quality, producing outstanding results within a culture of innovation and achievement.
  • All academies within DALP will continually develop their own unique characteristics and ethos re- enforcing their individual identities within their respective communities. In the case of The National C of E Academy, its own unique Christian distinctiveness and ethos will underpin how it grows and develops and will enrich the experiences of students across the DALP.
  • DALP will constantly build upon the diversity of its academies in order to broaden the experience of its students and communities and challenge discrimination and prejudice in all its forms.